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Body Bleaching with Scrub is a treatment to lighten dark spots. Skin lightening agents are applied on the skin for a certain period of time before seeing results. Dramatic results are expected to be seen within 2-4 sessions depending on your response. It is necessary all through the year and especially in the summer. It helps to remove dead cells from the uppermost layer of the skin.

To get the ultimate result Ani Marie Spa first removes the dead cells of the skin, because all those skin nourishment lotion or skin protection lotion works well on clean skin and as they can penetrate easily in the lower level and do the maximum work.

If you do not scrub your skin regularly, dead skin will start to accumulate on the upper level of the skin and will make it dull and drab. So before your skin loses its shine, have a body scrub at Ani Marie Spa to make it silky, soft and shiny. Moreover, scrubbing of skin prevents pimples and acne by keeping the pores of the skin open.

If you do not scrub regularly, dead cells and skins accompanied with dirt and oil that are secreted naturally from sebum gland and will block the pores of the skin and with the help of bacteria it will gear up the problem of acne and pimples. In summer, because of excessive heat secretion of sebum gland you need to have a body scrub even more.

For best result, have treatment done for 7 sessions every week.

  • Call to reserve, Cebu gorordo branch 032 5162460
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  • Mobile smart 09494948391
  • Globe 09175420913
  • Cancellation or change of appointment at least 2 days in advance, otherwise voucher will be forfeited
  • Flawless Body Scrub with Body Bleaching using the finest ingredients in the market
  • Skin whitening beauty aid formulated with the most advanced skin care ingredients are used to give you more balanced and radiant light skin complexion with soft and smooth clear skin result
  • It eliminates dark spots, freckles, pigmentation and other skin discoloration scars

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